The Friday Five

Your weekly dose of weekend adventure:

1. Go on a Scaventure Hunt: Join the fun, self-guided photo hunt where you search for cocktail ingredients grown in the garden. Find, capture, and present the images to the bartender who will make you the cocktail! Cheers! What could be more fun?!

2. Explore an Art Exhibit: Explore the latest Art Pace exhibits, Common Currents. Common Currents is a diverse showcase of San Antonio’s history as told by 300 local artists at 6 art-centric venues. All of the participating artists are assigned one year of San Antonio’s history to reflect on in the development of their work for Common Currents.

3. Check out a Live Show: Sam’s Burger Joint and Music Hall is known to both artists and appreciative fans alike as the best music room in San Antonio. With an excellent sound system, an unobstructed view, great food and a diverse line-up of acts, it’s not hard to see why it has that reputation. Check out a show this weekend!

4. Enjoy Delicious Food: Whether you call this week Culinaria or Resturant Week you know there is delicious food involved so you can’t miss out. Check out some of my top picks and select your favorite.

5. Find your favorite wine bar: We all know the weather has been a bit chilly so why not take the time to explore the top wine bars in SA and tell me which one is your favorite.

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