Your Guide to Dessert

We all know it is that time of year when sweet treats are a top indulgence. So why not have the best of the best?! Below I have rounded up a few of my favorites.

Bakery Lorraine: This might be the OG of dessert delicacies in San Antonio. Bakery Lorraine creates Macarons, scones, cookies, and various pastries alongside their espresso. This is bakery is in the heart of the pearl and the perfect place to stop by for a quick dessert after a walk along the museum reach of the river.

Bird Bakery: If you are looking for the best cupcake in town then you need to stop by Bird Bakery. They even have gluten-free options. Everything is baked on-site, from scratch, each and every day. At the end of each day, all remaining cupcakes and treats are given to local non-profits. This shop also boasts brownies, pies, cookies, and custom cakes. Yum!

Chocollazo: Chocollazo is the sweet combination of dessert restaurant, chocolate shop, ice cream parlor and candy emporium. Chocolate truffles and confections are made in-house and this spot offers Haagen-Dazs ice cream and unique variety of nostalgic and hard-to-find candy. From elegant to whimsical, Chocollazo offers something for everyone.

Cüppencake: This relaxing spot offers indulgent, made-from-scratch baked goods and handcrafted espresso drinks that are sure to delight. Stop by for a lunch date or business meeting and enjoy the unique and delicious culinary treats.

Honchos: This House of Churros has it all- filled churros, frozen churros, and dipped churros. The churros are prepared fresh to order and the fillings include everything from Nutella to peanut butter to the famous honcho sauce. Be sure to check the food truck’s location so you can try out this hand-made, family recipe as soon as possible.

La Pandaria: This Pan American bakery in downtown San Antonio has every Pan Dulce your heart could ever desire. Pair with a warm espresso or americano for the perfect sweet treat after browsing the Christmas lights along the Riverwalk.

Maybelle’s Donuts: We’ve all seen the crazy of Instagram worthy donuts and Maybelle’s, located inside of the Bottling Dept at the Pearl, has your fix. Flavors include fried cinnamon roll, chocolate sea salt, strawberry milkshake and more. Add a cup of coffee and you are set for a cozy winter evening.

SA Pops: While it is a bit chilly for ice cream SA Pops has some of the best flavors around. This mom and pop shop located inside of Hemisfair park has a warm atmosphere that will bring you back again and again. Flavors change regularly so be sure to stop by and see what is in store!

Scooped Cookie Dough Bar: If you are looking for the latest and greatest in dessert delicacies then this is your place. Scooped is the only spot in town where you can safely eat raw cookie dough. They even feature gluten-free and vegan options! Scooped also features a variety of milk on tap so you’ll always have an ice cold cup of milk nearby.

South Alamode: While gelato may not always seem seasonally appropriate you will want to make an exception for this place. The Gelato is made with fresh ingredients every day. While we import every ingredient we can directly from Italy, everything else is sourced locally. Since the weather is chilly you should be sure to try an affogato which combines espresso and gelato taking the delicacy to the next level. If coffee is not your thing, then try your favorite scoop between a Maybelle’s Donut.

What is your favorite place to indulge in a sweet treat?



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