The Friday Five

Your weekly dose of weekend adventure:

Explore Síclovía: Síclovía is a free event that turns city streets into a safe place for exercise and play. The family-friendly event encourages residents and visitors to get out, get active and explore their city through car-free streets. Participants can enjoy walking, biking, exercise classes, activities for youth, treats for their pets, food trucks and more.

B-rolls and Beers: While live performance is always a “you had to be there” kind of thing, we can see how Nathan Felix has recombobulated spectator video and audio recordings from that evening into a new type of composition and experience in itself.

Drink Coffee: Saturday is National Coffee Day! In addition to getting all the best deals, be sure to take some time and try a new local coffee shop and support local San Antonio business. Find all my favorite places here.

Listen to Women: As a loose and amorphous entity, 100 Thousand Poets for Change represents the potent and intentional fusing of the artistic with the political — calling for justice, understanding and sanity.

Rock Out to San Antonio: The sixth annual San Antonio Music Showcase celebrates the city’s thriving local music scene. For one unforgettable night, 60+ bands and DJs perform across 25 stages in one central San Antonio neighborhood, representing the city’s musical talent across multiple genres.

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