Your Guide to Pools

Summa, summa time is here and I have rounded up all the best places to cool off at the pool if you are ready to leave behind that apartment pool that hasn’t been clean quiiiite enough. Check out the map below to find a new place closest to you! Did I miss any? Be sure to let me know!

  1. Cassiano Park
  2. Concepcion Park
  3. Cuellar Park
  4. Dellview Park
  5. Fairchild Park
  6. Flores Park (Southcross Pool)
  7. Garza Park
  8. Heritage Pool
  9. Kennedy Park
  10. Kingsborough Park
  11. Lady Bird Johnson Park
  12. Lincoln Park
  13. Monterrey Park
  14. New Territories
  15. Normoyle Park
  16. Palo Alto College Aquatic Center
  17. Roosevelt Park
  18. San Antonio Natatorium
  19. San Pedro Springs Park
  20. Southside Lions Park
  21. Spring Time Park
  22. Sunset Hills Park
  23. Ward Park
  24. Westwood Village Park
  25. Woodlawn Lake Park


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