The Friday Five

Your weekly dose of weekend adventure:

Eat Strawberries: Located in the heart of the Artesian Belt, Poteet is recognized as the “Strawberry Capital of Texas”. This event has concerts featuring nationally known Country Western and Tejano stars, regional bands, gunslingers, carnival, contests, rodeo performances and more!

Explore Turkey: Get ready to eat delicious food and have the chance to taste authentic Turkish Cuisine as the 8th Turkish Festival at the nationwide historical and emblematic Alamo Plaza! With a vast array of performing arts, dance, family activities, delicious cuisine and arts and crafts, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

Do Yoga: Spring is officially here and yoga is out on the lawn once again. Check out the donation based class at The Pearl or the complimentary class at Mission Concepcion.

Go Shopping: Downtowns’ newest pop-up shops (including a shop full of official Spurs play-off swag!) have their grand opening today. You won’t want to miss out.

Listen to Music: Spring is here which means that fiesta and summer are on the way. What better way to enjoy the warmer temperature and longer days than with a bit of live music. No matter what genre you love there is something for you.

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