Your Guide to Spring Reading

Spring has sprung and the weather is a mix of sunny warm days and rainy spring showers. Either way, enjoying a book is the perfect way to pass the day and enjoy the unpredictable spring weather. Keep reading for my top spring book picks:

 Little Fires Everywhere: If you are looking for a book with a bit of mystery and lots of secrets then this is the book for you. This story explores race and family balanced on the idea that teenagers and parents are each unknowable to the other.

An American Marriage: This book is a beautiful and heartbreaking story about love, race, and family. If you choose to read one book this season then you should choose this book.

The Art Forger: Passion and obsession can make people do things they never thought they were capable of doing. This book, set in Boston, plays between fact and fiction as well as the past and present. Don’t miss this one.

Ready Player One: This is your quick, easy read of the season. With a bit of sci-fi, lots of 80’s pop culture, and a plot line that involves saving the world you won’t have a problem finishing this book before you check out the movie.

Heart Talk: If you want a helping of self-confidence and self-love then this is the book for you. If you haven’t heard of Cleo Wade then you are missing out and you need this book of poetry ASAP…because everyone else is already reading it.

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