Your Guide to San Antonio Fitness Studios

Working out can be overwhelming and intimating. Especially, if you are considering going to a new studio class. Not to worry- I’ve tried *almost* everything and I’m here to offer my tips and advice for the best studio classes in San Antonio.

1. Best Studio Overall: EnergyX Fitness

If you are looking for an all-in-one workout at an all-in-one studio this is your place! EnergyX Fitness is the only rowing studio in San Antonio and they offer a variety of classes including yoga, HIIT, and weight lifting. The friendly instructors create a fun, upbeat environment that is an ideal place to start or continue your fitness journey. Your first class is free so there is no excuse not to try! I recommend starting with a Row & Flow or a PoweRow class.

2. Best Cardio Studio: Joy Ride

If you are looking for a powerful cardio blast then a spin class might be just your ticket. Spin classes are intense, but fun. There is no need to be intimated as the staff and instructors are very helpful! Be sure to show up at least 15 minutes early for your first class so staff can help you setup your bike. With two locations and a free first class, it’s worth a shot! The music in these classes can be loud so I recommend bringing earplugs, just in case.

3. Best Yoga Studio: Mobile Om

Mobile Om might be one the most diverse yoga studios in San Antonio. You can find classes in various indoor and outdoor locations all over San Antonio including paddle board yoga classes. The relaxed environment allows beginners and experts to explore the practice of yoga. Mobile Om offers many free classes throughout the year including classes at the Japanese Tea Garden and Historic Missions. Don’t have a mat? Don’t worry! The studio has a mat for your use free of charge. Book a class now!

4. Best Women Only Studio: Smart Barre

This ballet inspired class is a mix of yoga and mat Pilates. If you are looking for something low impact to help lean build muscle then barre is ideal. Movements are small, but the impact is intense. You will need to wear socks during this workout, but all other equipment is provided. The studio is even offering trampoline classes! Check out a class today!

5. Best Bonus Workout Studio: Borne Ariel Yoga

If you are looking for something fun and relaxing then I would recommend ariel yoga. The staff is warm and helpful. Not to mention, the classes make for some awesome Instagram posts. Try something new!

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